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Advantages of RFID: The future of retail is digital

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Advantages of RFID: The future of retail is digitalDüsseldorf. Retailers must continually develop their processes to offer high quality products, services and experiences. While traditional brick-and-mortar stores will remain an important integral part of the retail landscape, they will need to expand their offers to keep up with ever-changing customer demands.

But how? RFID is one of the most important keywords. Over the past 20 years, the technology has made great strides and it can significantly improve both inventory accuracy and generate higher sales.

DENSO WAVE EUROPE is a global provider of high-quality RFID and Auto-ID solutions and offers decisive advantages for retailers. Among other things, the SP1 RFID reader enables numerous process optimizations. Further information about DENSO WAVE, RFID, Auto-ID solutions, handhelds, scanners and QR Codes can be found at .

RFID paves the way into the digital future

With the overall increasing use of IoT technology, inventory and warehouse management are particularly affected. Retailers need to manage their processes efficiently to keep up with the competition. RFID plays a key role here.

Radio-frequency identification has gained new relevance, particularly in retail. Nowadays, RFID in retail ensures, among other things, an optimized digitalization of loss prevention and the improvement of processes at the POS. Overall, RFID will continue to establish itself as an important technology for innovation and operational efficiency across industries.

The use of RFID saves time, money and nerves, especially when it comes to doing inventories and correct inventory management. A large retail customer of DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, had the goal to increase their inventory accuracy across all of their stores. It was examined how the inventory accuracy directly impacted sales. The result: By using RFID, the retailer achieved more than 97 percent inventory accuracy and a five percent increase in sales. DENSO explains here how positive the use of RFID is for retail and what advantages Auto-ID solutions offer.

Seamless and smooth: shopping experience with RFID

RFID is not new and the technology has been around for a long time. However, more and more retailers are now using RFID to enable digitalized processes. Without implementing digitalization, retail companies can no longer be competitive.

The pressure from omnichannel offerings also means that retailers have to adapt and modernize their entire processes. As a result, more and more companies are joining the RFID trend every year.

And the SP1 RFID scanner from DENSO is the ideal companion. The RFID scanner has one of the best reading performances in the industry. It reads 1,000 tags per second at a reading distance of up to 13 meters.

The advantage for retail employees is that they do not have to spend a long time getting adapted to the SP1 and its functions. Using a simple Bluetooth pairing between the SP1 and an existing smart device, the RFID scanner is ready for use quickly and easily.

The ergonomic handle and low weight (400 g) of the SP1 RFID scanner ensure optimal and fatigue-free operating comfort - ideal for an accurate and error-free inventory management.

In the future, RFID will play a major role in even more retail areas, from self-checkout to anti-theft controls to personalized shopping experiences. With DENSO's premium RFID readers, handheld terminals, mobile computers, barcode scanners and complex and cloud-based IoT data management systems, users from the retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and event industries are well equipped for the future.

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Parsevalstraße 9 A
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Parsevalstraße 9 A
40468 Düsseldorf
+49 (0) 211 540 138 40

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